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What Does It Mean To Be A Commissioner?

Commissioners serve as leaders and missionaries of the synod. They are called to seek and to discern the mind of Christ, interpret the mission and actions of the synod, and serve as an agent of Christ’s mission in the region and member presbyteries.

What Kinds of Gifts, Experience, and Abilities Do I Need to Have to Be A Synod Commissioner?

As the synod continues to grow toward a more missional body, there is an ongoing need to communicate these changes and to develop ways and means by which the synod can continue to connect, equip, and empower. The synod needs leaders with a variety of gifts and skills in the areas of media and communications, finance, and development, among others, and with a heart for mission and ministry.

Commissioner FAQ

The description of service for a Synod Commissioner and for officers. This document is most helpful for Presbytery Nominating Committees in their selection of candidates for Synod Commissioner.

The Commissioner's Toolbox
2022 - 2023 Meeting Minutes
2018 - 2021 Minutes

Synod Assembly Minutes, as submitted to the Office of General Assembly.

2023 Fall Assembly
2024 Spring Assembly
Expense Voucher

The Synod of the Sun reimburses reasonable and necessary expenses to those who attend approved functions of the Synod. The Synod of the Sun also expects those who attend to practice good stewardship in regard to expenses that might be incurred and reimbursed to them. Please read the information carefully before an event to understand what is expected.

Rules of Discipline Video
Commissioner Files
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