The Network for Dismantling Racism presents:
First Steps to Dismantling Racism

The Synod of the Sun Network for Dismantling Racism presents a series of four webinars on First Steps to Dismantling Racism, led by Warren Chalklen, Ph.D. 


This four-week webinar is the first presentation by the Network for Dismantling Racism, a group of concerned Presbyterians from all 11 presbyteries of the Synod of the Sun. In the coming months, N4DR will present additional programs and events that will address the issues of anti-racism and structural racism.


The webinars will be held on four successive Fridays, beginning August 14th and going through September 4th. Each webinar will be held from Noon-1:30pm. These sessions include:

Session 1 - What Does it Mean to be Anti-Racist?

Session 2 - Engaging Colleagues and Students in Anti-Racist Learning Moments.

Session 3 - Identify and Combat Institutional and Structural Racism.

Session 4- Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression.


When you register for any of the webinars, you will be provided with a workbook for the program.


Sponsorship for this and future N4DR events has been provided by all 11 Presbyteries of the Synod of the Sun: Presbytery of Arkansas, Cimarron Presbytery, Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery, Grace Presbytery, Indian Nations Presbytery, Mission Presbytery, Presbytery of New Covenant, Palo Duro Presbytery, Presbytery of the Pines, Presbytery of South Louisiana and Tres Rios Presbytery.


For more information about these webinars or on how to join the Network for Dismantling Racism, contact:

Kyle Walker - walkertexasrev@gmail.com

Kristy Rodgers - Kristy.Rodgers@fpcbok.org

Book Discussion to be Offered 


This fall, Synod of the Sun's Network for Dismantling Racism invites you into conversation using the book Disunity in Christ by Christena Cleveland. Between now and mid-November, you are invited to engage with this book in your congregations and presbyteries, in your families, and with the synod. You can order the book hereherehere, or here. If you would like to participate in a discussion group hosted by Synod of the Sun, please fill out this form and someone from the Network will be in touch. We look forward to having you join us this fall to continue the conversation about racial justice and to learn together!

Session 1 Resources- What Does It Mean to be an Anti-Racist?

Anti-Racist Resource Document - CLICK HERE

Warren Chalklen's Anti-Racist Email List Sign-up - CLICK HERE

Document: Ending the School to Prison Pipeline - CLICK HERE

Book: The New Jim Crow - CLICK HERE

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