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Communication Services Plan

The Communication Services Plan, offered by the Synod of the Sun, is a cost-effective way for mid-councils to engage the community across multiple platforms. Using your website, social media, podcast, video productions, and mass e-mails, you are in a position not only to inform but to inspire, provide pastoral care, and tell good news narratives.

How do you want to connect, equip, and empower in more effective ways? We want to show you what we can do!

Good News Stories

Amidst the changes and chances of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been telling stories of churches and entities throughout the Synod of the Sun who have found ways to not only survive but also employ unique and beautiful ways to minister to God's people in need. In these settings, mission and ministry happen in a myriad of ways, from supplying basic necessities to caring for the environment. Connections have been made via video feed and blankets. Love is supplied from teaching inmates how to read to providing diapers via a drive-thru.  Read our Good News Stories and get inspired!

SunSpots: The Synod of the Sun podcast

Welcome to Sunspots, where we highlight the many ministries and missions happening on the surface of the Sun – that is, the Synod of the Sun. A region of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), we are Presbyterians in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas with dynamic and hopeful ministry happening in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Sunspots are caused by interactions with the Holy Spirit. Somewhat like the cap on a soda bottle: shake it up, and you can generate a big eruption! Happening throughout the 11 presbyteries in the synod, with intense Holy Spirit activity, when that energy is released, solar flares and big impact can erupt from Sunspots. 

Our prayer is that you find inspiration, community, and connection in the Sun. 

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